Monday, 4 May 2015

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I am writing this in a place that I would never think of entering voluntarily EVER! I am sitting in the cafe of one of our local gyms. Munch loves coming here with her dad swimming and I have been putting it off for ages to come and watch her swim. So today on this grey bank holiday Monday, I am camped out in the Costa Coffee watching them through the window and hoping that it doesn't become crowded with those special 'gym' types! Blissfully it's really quiet at the moment. 

I know exercise is meant to be good and all that but I put it down to being seriously scarred by P.E lessons at school! Having never been particularly sporty, I found P.E an absolute nightmare. School teachers like to play the sporty kids off against the non-sporty, leaving the latter feeling inadequate and pretty rubbish. This is how it felt to me, as one of those who didn't fit the sports mould. As a result of this I've never been interested in going to a gym or taking an exercise class and until a rather drunk day in grand canaria I couldn't even swim! My idea of fun differs greatly from standing in a room sweating with strangers and I would rather walk or ice skate or just go plain old shopping! We seem to live in a society today where those who don't choose the gym bandwagon every January are made out to be lazy almost. I am certainly not lazy but I just won't put myself in the situation where I feel so uncomfortable voluntarily. I'm not slagging people who like or go to the gym and I am probably not in a position to judge as I don't go there, but I can't think of anything worse than showing my lumps and bumps to the beautiful people.