Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Eat Your Weight in Chocolate Day!!

I can't even remember the last time I wrote a post, bad isn't it!?

I'm sitting here at work on the day when most people have already attempted to eat their weight in chocolate, with a streaming cold and eating a pasta pot which should have been for lunch. There is a kids party going on in the main hall and a church group in the smaller hall and I'm at reception trying to concentrate on updating the social media for a major event and have found myself typing this instead!
In one way or another I have always had jobs with anti-social hours, but that is the nature of the industries I have wanted to work in. I have been lucky enough to work with some really cool people and have been in a position where I worked in some amazing places. But.... and there is always a but isn't there?! Its days like this when everyone is having family time that it really gets me down. I love my job, don't get me wrong but please if you ever book an event on a public holiday, spare a thought for the people having to work!

Anyways... on a positive note I am now fighting fit after an ongoing shoulder injury so I am easing myself back into the sewing slowly by taking on the job of sewing a canopy for a sweet cart! I am using heavy weight cotton fabric from Ikea which is white with black stripes and it will be secured to the frame work using Velcro strips. The idea is that a number of different canopies will be made so that the cart can be used for different events and change it's style to suit. This first one will be the template for the others measurement wise and once it is a perfect fit, will be easy to reproduce. It is basically a large rectangle with hems around each side. Velcro will then be fitted across the middle section and also 5 inches from the ends to enable them to hang nicely from the frame. Ideally I would like to add curtain weights to either end, but with the weight of this fabric, it should hang ok without them. Once it is finished I will add some pictures.

I have a few other projects in the pipeline for the next month or so, including a lotus flower applique cushion, fitting a replacement zip on a vintage inspired dress and also making a dress out of some gorgeous vintage fabric I picked up in a charity shop.

I am in the process of sorting out my dining room area which involves de-cluttering my dining room table in order to be able to actually sew! I am having to complete the canopy at my place of work, as the fabric is way to big for me to deal with at home! I have realised my fabric and haberdashery stash is getting out of control and its time to have a sort out.

This summer I am determined to try my homemade summer challenge again by making clothes and only buying in charity shops or second hand. To be fair, I haven't really bought anything new from a shop (that wasn't underwear related) in a long time! I am excited that summer is just round the corner and I can get all my gorgeous vintage dresses out without the need for thick tights and boots! I once met a lady at a vintage fair who told me that she wears vintage all year round and that statement has stayed with me. I have been wearing it a lot more than I ever have before and have also taken the step to have my hair cut in a more vintage style. It boosts my confidence no end and gives me a sense of who I am. I may need to have a few lessons in vintage make up though as in that respect I am useless!

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