Monday, 1 August 2016

Old Old Or New Old?

I went to the amazing Yellow Vintage Fair yesterday, at the Ageas Bowl Southampton. It's the first time I've been to this show and I wasn't disappointed. Mixing music, cars and stalls, this fair had a lot to offer from clothes to homeware and even in house hairdressers! I love looking at what everyone else is wearing at shows like this and often get chatting to people about their outfits or the contents of their stalls. It was during browsing a clothing stall that my friend and I got chatting to another 2 ladies also dressed head to foot in vintage style clothing. Both my friend and I were dressed in modern vintage - new clothes made in a vintage style - and were commenting on how small true vintage items tend to be. Now I don't in anyway think that this next comment was meant to be nasty or derogatory, but one of the ladies looked up and said "Well I only wear true vintage pieces!" And give her, her due she looked stunning in a 60s mini and cardi. This got me thinking about the old old verses the new old. Price wise new old or new vintage style clothing can be pretty expensive but you are guaranteed a good fit using your normal new school dress sizing and also a garment that is factory fresh and undamaged. Old old or true vintage can be picked up incredibly cheap if you are dedicated enough to search through charity shops, fairs, car boots sales and online sites. From experience I know that sizing and condition can be a nightmare and sometimes I have questioned the authenticity of a supposed true vintage item. Some people may look at new vintage style clothing as not being true to era, with the use of modern materials and fastenings but arguably a true vintage garment has travelled, has a story about it. Personally I love the fit of a true vintage piece (the ones that have actually fit!) but I also like the fact that when I buy new vintage style clothing, I can wash it with my other clothes and it (hopefully) won't fall apart. Vintage fabrics can be hot and scratchy and sometimes a slight fire hazard, but they have a look that no modern piece can recreate. So there pros and cons to both sides it seems. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter if it's old or new, if you like it but it! Us vintage lovers should stick together and be proud to show our individual style whether it's fresh out the packet or someone's nan's! 

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