Saturday, 2 July 2016

Book Worm

I love reading a good book that I can get lost in. I have loved it since I was really young and always wanted to be the library assistant at school. A really fond memory I have is buying books on holiday as a child. We used to holiday in the Isle of Wight every year and my favourite place to visit was Ryde and especially a little arcade of shops called the Royal Victoria Arcade. It is an eclectic mix of antique shops, new age shops, some clothing shops and a secondhand bookshop. Underneath in the basement used to be a flea market, I'm not sure if this bit is still there but the actual shops have changed little over the years. The bookshop used to display some of its wares outside on tables and spinning displays and this is where I would find my teen romance novels such as the Sweet Valley High series and later on Point Horror. This was the mid 1990s and I remember these little magazine type books too, which I only ever remember getting on holiday. I would love to know what happened to these little books as they were great! We would go at the start of the week and I would be allowed to pick one or two and then I would spend the rest of the holiday reading them. I bet you would be hard pushed to find a child nowadays who thinks the highlight of a holiday is buying secondhand books!

I have carried on this love affair with words right through to adulthood and have always got a book on the go. Sometimes I will finish one in a few days and some take me a while to get through but I enjoy them all the same. I find that I know if I am going to get on with a book only a few pages in and it very rare that I will give up on a book.

A few years ago I was given a kindle for my birthday (hints were dropped for months before I just came outright and asked for one!) I loved the idea that I could have this little device containing hundreds of books at my disposal. The only draw back was lack of a back lit screen so it was upgraded as soon as the next birthday came about. The funny thing is I always go back to paper! I am very lucky in that I am given a large quantity of books from family and friends, luckily we all have similar tastes. This sharing of books has turned into a strange little book club, swapping backwards and forwards and sharing recommendations. I like the idea that I book I have read is going onto to another person who will read it and then pass it on to be read again and again.

I do also put my hand in my pocket and buy books, but not usually new ones. I browse my local charity shops for books as I can almost guarantee I will find my favourite authors at a good price. I know some people will have the opinion that I am not really supporting the writer by purchasing secondhand, but when you are on a budget charity shop profits win over publishers profits. My parents signed me up to the local library before I can even remember and I did this for my daughter too as I think it is important to have this opportunity available to use. To be honest I don't really use the library as much as I used to but I know it is there should I need it.

I really admire anyone with the skill to create something that other people can enjoy so to all you writers out there:
Keep doing what you are doing as eventually your book might find it's way to an eternal book worm like me!

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