Friday, 6 March 2015

Hmmm.......Didn't Nan Wear Those??

I've said it before but I LOVE VINTAGE! So I've been buying vintage clothes till the cows come home and wearing them with pride as much I can, but I noticed a bit of an epic fail! A couple of the items I bought seem to be a bit see through in the skirt area! Not a good look and I don't want to replicate a princess Diana so I needed some drastic action. I had had a conversation with a girlfriend about see through dresses recently and she said that she was forced to buy her first ever 'slip' (petticoat for the posh ones!) she mentioned that she had paid a premium in a certain famous shop. So with this in mind I used all my memories of shopping with my mum and nan and duely went off to buy a slip. Surprisingly, I found exactly what I needed in my local town centre and it didn't look like 'nan wear' at all! More importantly it only cost a fiver so for all those girls out there who buy cheap see through dresses, get to the old dears shops and get yourself a petticoat because seeing your pants is just not pretty!!

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