Friday, 6 March 2015

Love Vintage

I love a bit of nostalgia, always have done I suppose but my interest in vintage has taken on a life of its own recently! It started with a sewing machine from 1955 and has crept in to take over my wardrobe, my hallway and quite possibly the kitchen. Trawling through antique shops, carboot sales and of course good old eBay, it's totally changed the way I view modern shopping. Last weekend I went to a vintage fair in the town centre and after looking through racks of beautiful one off vintage pieces it was kind of depressing walking into the clothing shops seeing rail upon rail of cheaply made clothing. I've never had an item of clothing fit as well as a vintage piece and as a result I have started buying and wearing more. It's a marmite thing though, vintage. I was watching people at the fair and their faces showed either of the following thing:

1: Wow this stuff is great I love it!

2: I had/have this from the first time round (like my mum!)

3: Eurgh! Old stuff, someone probably died in it

It's great that the whole vintage thing is becoming more popular and these items are being preserved for future generations because modern day living and styling could certainly learn a thing or two from these golden eras!

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