Friday, 6 March 2015

Taggy Blankie

I got asked to make a 'taggy' blanket by a friend of mine, you know the ones with all the different ribbon pieces sticking out the edges. I was so chuffed with myself when it was done as it's probably the best thing I've made so far! 

Here's how I did it.

You will need:

Backing material ( it's up to you how big you want your finished blanket to be, mine was 21" x 21" with a seam allowance of half inch)

Fleece material

Wadding (I used a thicker wadding but you can make these less puffy)

Ribbon (I used as many different colours and textures as I could find)

Matching thread

Step One: Cut the backing, fleece and wadding all to the same size and cut your ribbon into 4" strips

Step Two: Take the backing material and with the pattern laying face up double your ribbon pieces over pattern out also and pin into place a regular intervals all round the outside edge.

Step Three: Take your fleece and place it right side down onto your backing material and place wadding on top of fleece. Pin all round leaving a 2" gap for turning through later. See this edge in between your ribbon pins and your hemming pins making sure that you do not trap any of the corner ribbons into the seam. Remove all pins and turn out.  

Step Four: Once turned out repin the ribbon pieces that were left out from stitching in the gap and top stitch all the way round using a 1/3 seam allowance. 

And there you are a beautiful and more importantly unique blanket that can be cherished forever! 

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